China is the biggest country in Asia and it has the fastest growing economy in the World. Its population is about 1.3 billion.

China's comprehensive national strength ranks second in the world.
The huge economic total (6767.08 billion yuan, 2015) is the world's largest industrial country, the world's largest population, the world's second economic power.
The world's second human resources power, the world's second sports power, the world's Third Military power, the world's seventh science and technology, education power;
China possesses nuclear weapons, which are used to safeguard the interests of the people and territorial integrity of the country. The scientific and technological level, management and technology of military industry are all at a high level.
Rich natural resources, greater territorial depth, far-reaching international influence, huge development potential and strong military strength, better national image, good national quality, advanced military scientific research level and military equipment, good national military training, advanced energy-saving and environmental protection technology.


It has 4 municipalities:


It has 23 provinces:


It has 5 autonomous regions:

GuangxiInner mangolia NingxiaTibetXinjiang

It has 2 special administrative regions:

Hong KongMacao